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Opening hours

Garden open all year round.

Large groups welcome any time by arrangement.

Available for  Weddings & Events

Every day 9am - 5pm

Adults $10


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Giant Himalayan lily

November, 2020


About Trelinnoe Park

Welcome to one of New Zealand's finest woodland gardens.

In 1956 brothers Brian and John Wills took up residence on the 2800 acres (1134 ha¹s) of waste scrubland that had not been successfully farmed. 
Their ambition was to create a profitable and pleasing farming enterprise. 
The result is Trelinnoe Park.

The park’s 30 acres has an exceptionally wide and varied collection of trees, shrubs, perennials and natives. 
Landscaped woodland paths, wide sweeps of lawns, clipped hedges, hillsides of flowering trees and spectacular vistas.
We have many unusual and rare trees and shrubs. The Mexican hand flower tree Chirantho dendron pentadactylon flourishes in the garden. We enjoy our groups of Franklinia alatamaha , a tree sized hydrangea from Indo ­china, a yellow flowered hydrangea from Yunnan. The clouds of golden flowers displayed by our parrotiopsis jacquemontiana are some of our treasures.

The floor of the woodland garden display's plantings of perennials and ground covers. Early spring sees mass plantings of daffodils, jonquils and a wide selection of other spring bulbs. Clivias add their warm colours of orange and red. Irisis cast their reflections in the small lakes. Drifts of astilbes and rogercias paint colour along the stream sides. In parts of the garden the lush leaves and strong perfume of Himalayan lilies, Cardiocrinum giganteum create an extensive understory of great interest in early summer.

The garden has wide expanses of lawns which are a structural feature of design, giving a feeling of expanse also setting off by contrast the slopes of woodland planting. The framing of vistas both within and without the garden is a strong element of its design.


John and Brian called their piece of land Trelinnoe (pronounced Tree _lin _o ) in memory of a farm in Cornwall where their Grandfather was born and grew up before immigrating to New Zealand.

By the mid sixties, the farm was sufficiently developed to allow some time off for John to express his life interest in gardening. Since then he have steadily developed the garden with plantings and creative landscape. It's today some 30 ac.(12 ha) in extent.



Trelinnoe Park, RD2 Napier, New Zealand

On Napier to Taupo Road, 45 minutes from Napier (46km). Old Coach Road on right, watch for Trelinnoe sign. 75 minutes from Taupo, Old Coach Road on left.

+64 27 414 8145

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